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Subscription Based Advertising Packages

Specifically for the SoCal/LA Area

Easy Monthly Advertising

Always be present in our local market on The News.  We reach thousands of interested readers monthly.

Inexpensive Monthly Programs

Choose from three monthly AdSpace.LA subscriptions starting at only $99/mo.  Automatic & custom-fit for you.  Graphic design included.

No Rocket Science Required

Whether you’ve never touched graphic design, or you’re a hands-on marketing master, AdSpace.LA is built for businesses & non-profits of all levels

Reach our loyal local readership every day of every month.

The South Pasadena Newspaper is now in print weekly. You can choose just the right balance of web & print advertising

Get in front of 10’s of thousands of interested readers, not junk mass-traffic.  National USA audience, with primary readership in South Pasadena, Pasadena Metro Area, Highland Park, Los Angeles/Arts District, Herman, El Sereno. We block random international web traffic. 99% USA readers, generating millions of page-views.

Real work by real people. Locally.

Local, yet experienced.
Our talented, expert, award winning South Pasadena staff & associates are in-house.
Our Mission Street studio is designed & equipped for production.
We are here. On the street.
Competitive advantage + institutional knowledge