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AdSpace.LA | Our monthly subscription based advertising program is better

Online 24-7 & In Print Weekly

  • Ads Up Live All the Time. Every Week. Every Month.

    One low monthly price. Change out your graphic ads as you like.  Mix and match branded-articles and placements.

  • Engaged Local Readership

    1.5 Million People in our Local Viewership Audience Footprint. 95% of visitors read multiple pages.

  • Creative is Included With your Package

    Graphics? Photography? Stock? Writing? Tech? Your package includes what you need.

  • Additional Creative if Needed at Reduced Pricing

    Need that extra product shot for your next ad?  Get in-program pricing as an added benefit.

We all know that advertising takes time, repetition, a clear message, and attractive visuals.

There are three primary issues that effect success:
• Cost  • Messaging  • Placement

If any one of these is off-the-mark, then your results can be lacking and expensive.

Cheap, like Facebook or Google, is not better.  More, is not better.  Better, is better. We do it better by connecting your business with local markets.

Also, your ad placements are not limited to The News site.  We do social media, billboard, print, & mailings too.

We’ve created a set of four packages that hit the mark: Our PRO+PRINT is online & print.

Readers: National USA audience, with primary audience focused in the Pasadena/South Pasadena Metro & L.A. areas encompassing about 1.5 million people & businesses.  Besides local area targeting, we filter out random, empty, international traffic. If you have a website that sells mass-market/globally – we have a package designed for mass-market global audience. Contact Us Here for that.